Veterinary Technician Week

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October 12-18, 2014 is Veterinary Specialist Week, an annual event to recognition this excellent profession. Produced in 1993, this special week is a superb chance to teach pet parents relating to this vital person in the veterinary team.

Exactly what is a veterinary specialist?
Veterinary technology (poor title, but that’s just my estimation) is an extremely diverse profession. A few of the fields a vet tech can be employed in include:

  • Horses, cows, pigs or chicken
  • Zoo medicine
  • Administrations
  • Research
  • The military
  • Education
  • Sales (e.g. having a pharmaceutical company)
  • Commercial dog food industry

Obviously, most use felines, dogs and pet parents as if you.

Different types of veterinary specialists
The good examples above are mainly vet technicians having a degree. This is where it may obtain a little confusing. With respect to the condition, veterinary nicians might have the initials RVT, LVT or CVT. Don’t feel any have to commit to memory these initials, they essentially distinguish if your tech is registered, licensed or licensed, and it is really the same!

You will find also non-licensed specialists, frequently known as specialist assistants. They often do not have a real veterinary degree, but may have a lot of experience so that they are indispensable people from the team too.

Like a surgeon, Sometimes mostly with surgery and ER specialists, however the huge most of technicians work on general practices. They offer general care, that is what most pets need yearly to reside lengthy, happy lives.

General practice technicians learn about flea/tick/parasite/heartworm prevention, vaccine methods, dental hygiene, and pet diet. Additionally they read fecal samples (you realize, your beloved shedding off annually).

I understand of 1 wonderful specialist who works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and many who focus on physical rehabilitation for pets. I understand several more who act as veterinary journalists, but a different one who is an expert in anesthesia near Columbus, OH.

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