Bay Area Vet Specialists

Costs & Payment for Bay Area Veterinary Specialists

Call for an appointment with our veterinary specialists.Ext 1: Surgery Department

  • Veterinary Surgical Group, LLP

Ext 2: Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Oncology

  • Veterinary Medical Specialists of Houston

Ext 3: Ophthalmology

  • Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic

Ext 4: Skin care

  • Seaside Veterinary Skin care

Come along for casual models the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 12:30-1:30 pm away Area Veterinary Specialists. Take the radiographs or cases to go over.

We would like you to definitely be fully informed associated with a costs connected together with your pet's care. Please make certain you have a written estimate before departing a healthcare facility. Alterations in your dog's condition or new information can dictate a big change in the initial treatment. We try to apprise you of those changes because they occur, but we encourage you to definitely request for just about any financial estimations or important information anytime.

Payment Options

Payment entirely is anticipated at that time services are made. A first deposit is going to be needed in case your pet is put in the hospital. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Uncover, and American Express. Furthermore, CareCredit is provided through the surgery, cardiology, internal medicine and oncology services. To be able to fulfill our contracts using the bank and credit institutions and steer clear of fraud, all payment forms except cash should be made by the pack leader possessing the credit card or bank account which person must present a legitimate ID. Furthermore, if you have a CareCredit account, you have to present the CareCredit card (or perhaps a second ID) and line of credit authorization form (we are able to take a look when you turn up if you like).

Appointment fee

The receptionist arranging your initial appointment can let you know from the costs connected together with your appointment time. However, they can't predict nor quote additional fees of care that the pet may require - that'll be provided to you throughout your initial appointment.

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