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The individual was unhappy with lack of volume in her own cheekbones and face. Dr Poulos carried out a body fat transfer that restored fullness of cheekbones and reduced nasolabial folds.

Patient had lost volume in oral cavity area and eyes, and wanted a far more rejuvenated and rested appearance. Dr Poulos carried out a body fat transfer that added volume on key areas to alter the form from the face and oral cavity, and diminish sunken area about the eyes. The end result would be a much more youthful and rejuvenated app…


Marin lady wished to diminish hollow areas round the eye and soft the neck and face. Dr. Poulos carried out a body fat transfer that plumped individuals key areas and led to an all natural, more rested appearance.

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Facial Body fat Toning offers several major benefits. It may smooth deep facial lines, enhance the level of loss lips or even the soft tissue from the oral cavity and face, and much more. The primary benefit of Body fat Injection is it is a100 percent natural filler. Besides supplying lengthy lasting effects, it's safe, since you will find no allergic responses to bother with. Body fat Transfers could be carried out alone like a non invasive rejuvenation procedure, or along with surgery to help enhance the outcome. Check us out within our condition-of-the-art surgery center in Marin County to understand more about exactly what the best choices are to attain your aesthetic goals.

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Keeping the face youthful and delightful goes past going to us for any treatment. You’ve already began the training process. Now, take the next phase by looking at our e-learning guide that stops working the science of getting older and also the methods for you to combat it.

Site visitors who looked for Body fat Transfer can also be thinking about Facial Additives and Botox treatment. If you reside in Marin County, plan a consultation with Cosmetic Surgery Specialists today. Call us at (415) 925-2880.

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