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Down Maine Veterinary Clinic

We are pleased to give the following services within our Sanford Veterinary Clinic:


In the DMVC stopping illness in pets is our primary mission. It is recommended that all felines and dogs get a comprehensive exam yearly and obtain the main vaccines suggested through the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and also the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Each patient's individual lifestyle is taken into consideration along with other, non-core, vaccines might be suggested based only upon that lifestyle. We advocate that each canine patient be examined yearly for heartworm and tick-born disease and become put on a regular monthly heartworm preventative year-round. Year-round flea and tick control is yet another core recommendation for dogs and felines.

General Medicine and Surgery

With more than 75 years combined experience, our veterinary team is fully able to work up and dealing with most health conditions that dogs and felines experience. Our in-house laboratory and computer-integration with outdoors labs means you will get diagnostic results rapidly, usually within 24 hours as the pet is examined, frequently even throughout work visit itself. For complicated medical cases, we cooperate with the nearby referral centers.

Our surgical repertoire includes canine and feline spays and neuters, in addition to most soft tissue methods including the intestinal, urinary and hepatic systems. All people are completely evaluated before a procedure is carried out to maximise the chance that it'll be effective. All anesthetic patients supervised throughout their procedure using the latest electronic monitoring products available. In case your pet includes a surgical condition needing a professional, our staff will cooperate fully and assist you in finding the very best referral physician for the pet's need.


We consider dental hygiene an essential facet of our maintenance mandate and our facility hosts a lately-refurbished dental suite. Just like our surgery patients, each dental patient is completely evaluated before going through anesthesia and it is digitally supervised throughout the process. We have a type of Veterinary Dental Health Items (VOHC) to elongate time between dental methods.


Our computerized appointment schedule enables us to effectively make visits for both you and your pet. We will endeavour to support all demands to the very best of our ability.

Urgent and Emergency Care Throughout Regular Business Hrs

We are for sale to urgent and emergency care throughout normal business hrs. If you think your dog must be seen before you'll be able to have an appointment, we works to support you among scheduled visits. If at all possible, please give us a call in advance at (207) 324-4683.

Emilionel Veterinary health record
Mobile Application (Emilionel)
  • A complete overview of your animal, from its name to its weight chart.
  • Daily monitoring of treatments administered throughout its life.
  • Appointments monitoring (if routine visit (vaccination ) or surgery) for those taken with your favorite veterinary doctor.
  • Contact details of the nearest veterinary doctors, farmers and emergencies wherever you are.
  • Data can be exported and imported from one device to an other.
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