Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Admissions at Cummings School

Cummings School has a diverse type of highly motivated and accomplished students who represent our pursuit to heal creatures, help humans and transform global health. Regardless if you are searching to accomplish your DVM or pursue a graduate degree, work of Admissions is here now to help you. We encourage you to definitely explore our web site to help get ready for the admissions process.

Physician of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Program

Cummings School’s DVM degree program distinctively prepares our highly motivated students to get leaders within their area. Graduates of the program are capable of treat disease in creatures of species, address global health problems through their learning worldwide veterinary medicine, and apply their expertise to resolve human and animal health-related problems, for example emerging infectious illnesses. At Cummings School, students gain scientific understanding, hands-on clinical experience, and also the ethical attitudes, professionalism, reliability , actions required for becoming responsible practicing vets.

Our exceptional faculty and progressive four-year curriculum stress critical thinking in veterinary medicine and make preparations students to tackle critical issues in new and emerging fields.

Combined DVM Programs

The combined degree programs at Cummings School stress Tufts University’s dedication to a progressive academic philosophy. These programs allow gifted students to define their veterinary focus while enjoying the advantages of an extensive base of general veterinary understanding and developed clinical abilities.

MAPP ProgramIntegrating veterinary and graduate school curricula, these combined degree programs arm graduates using the unique selection of abilities, experience, and understanding to fill needed positions within their area.

Graduate Programs

The MS in Creatures and Public Policy (MAPP) is definitely an intensive, 12-to-16-month graduate degree program that concentrates on human-animal associations as well as their implications for policy and community action.

Conservation medicine utilizes a One Health method of address urgent issues facing our world, including emerging and resurging illnesses, habitat use conflicts, environment contamination, ecosystem and global warming, bio-diversity loss, and ecosystem function degradation.

A brand new twelve-month Master’s Enter in Infectious Disease and Global Health (MS-IDGH) at Cummings School continues to be produced to deal with a vital need. Emergence of recent or progressively virulent infectious agents, antimicrobial resistance, and the chance of deliberate distribution of bio threat agents are serious changing risks to human health.

MCM Program MS-IDGH Program PhD Program

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