Yarmouth Veterinary Center

Yarmouth Veterinary Center: Much More Than an Animal Hospital

If you're like the majority of busy pet proprietors, finding a pet hospital that gives compassionate, comprehensive veterinary services in a single is essential. You'll need a vet who'll become familiar with your dog and meet any special needs. Our veterinary center is really a full-service facility designed to really make it pretty simple to maintain your pet healthy.

Greater Than a pet Hospital

Additionally to supplying comprehensive veterinary services, Yarmouth Veterinary Center includes a pharmacy for buying pet medicines. Our animal hospital also offers an over-all store that stocks pet supplies like training helps, toys, and prescription food.

Not Only Felines and Dogs

Other creatures require a vet, too. Our center welcomes wild birds, reptiles, ferrets, bunnies, rats, amphibians, as well as seafood.

Wellness Veterinary Services

Each vet and support member at our center is enthusiastic about a healthy body for the pet. We provide all needed immunizations and exams.

Diagnostic Services and Treatment

We provide condition-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment, including digital X-sun rays and ultrasound, for sick or hurt pets. Our animal hospital staff provides inpatient and outpatient care and you may rely on each vet for those who have an urgent situation, have to treat a chronic condition, or require assistance with a senior pet.

Dental Hygiene

We incorporate a thorough dental checkup throughout every wellness exam for felines and dogs. Our staff works both anesthetized and awake exams and advanced cleanings and scalings. Additional services include X-sun rays, extractions, and treating mouth growths. Employees at our center is satisfied to counsel you around the best homecare dental routine and supplies for the pet.


Our animal hospital offers neutering and nuking, laser surgery and methods just like an ACL repair. Discomfort management for the pet is really a priority.

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