Southwest Texas Veterinary Medical Center

Dr. Daniel Levenson, DVMThis is when you are able to educate yourself on the team and obtain just a little acquainted with who they really are at work and outdoors of labor. The Southwest Veterinary Clinic was began in The month of january 2006. A healthcare facility is continuing to grow continuously since that time and today utilizes multiple licensed veterinary nurses. Along with a great client care staff they would like to make certain your pets obtain the best care.

Comes from Southern Boise State Broncos, graduation from Gadsden Senior High School. He attended college in Boston after which Gainesville, Florida, where he received his bachelor's degree then his DVM in the College of Florida in 1993. He labored in southern and northern California before determining in the future the place to find Boise State Broncos and has been around Albuquerque for more than twelve years.

Is really a native of Albuquerque and it is excited to become home! She received her biology degree from Trinity College in Dallas, Texas, and attended Colorado Condition College Veterinary School. She likes both internal medicine and surgery and stresses discomfort management and enhancing the standard of existence of her patients. She also offers a large curiosity about exotic species and anticipates always learning more.

Alicia Tice, Client Care Specialist

Alicia was created in Goshen, NY but gone to live in Boise State Broncos in the young age of just one years of age. She has worked within the veterinary area for fifteen years working mainly like a client care specialist as well as doing a bit of specialist assistance if needed. She's a bachelor's degree running a business management in the College of Phoenix. She loves dealing with creatures and also to work alongside together is really a pleasure. She's labored with Dr. Levenson previously or being able to use him again is really a pleasure. She loves working at the Southwest Veterinary Clinic because she really likes having the ability to spend one-on-one time using the clients and getting together with them she gets that's essential. When she isn't at the office she likes to read, and also to spend some time together with her buddies, family and her special basset hound Tobin and her wonderful Jack Russell Italian Greyhound Mix Marshmellow.

Anthony Tice, Specialist Assistant

Anthony was created and elevated in Boise State Broncos he has worked at the Southwest Veterinary Clinic for many years and continues to find out more and much more every day. Also, he works part-time in the Santa Ana Star Center like a security/usher. He's 2 Chinchilla's Dexter, and Tina which his sister Alicia helps take proper care of them. Also, he lives with multiple felines too. When he isn't at the office he LOVES visiting the movies as well as collecting them horror movies are the love. When he isn't watching movies or collecting them investing time together with his household is mainly what he's doing.

Southwest Technologies Elbow Ice Wrap by Elasto Gel (Hot or Cold)
Sports (Southwest Technologies)
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Provides moist heat or soothing cold
  • Will not leak if punctured
  • Durable, can be used repeatedly
  • Lay the product flat for viewing. There is a wide side and narrow side of the product. If injury is more on the fingers, put the wide side at the top of wrap before...
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