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Ohana Pet Hospital

We're a pet veterinary practice concentrating medical and surgical proper care of dogs, felines, rabbit, rats and choose reptiles. Services we offer include: wellness exams, client education, preventative care (vaccinations, deworming, heart-earthworm and parasite testing and treatment), medical diagnostic testing (x-sun rays, ultrasound, bloodstream tests), dentistry (routine cleanings, x-sun rays and tooth extractions), hospitalization, emergency care (throughout business hrs) and surgical procedures (abscesses, lacerations, spays, neuters, intestinal foreign body removal, bladder stone removal, etc.). We have an extensive pharmacy and quite a number of prescription diets available.


Established this year.

Dr. Jan, Dr. Jill and Dr. Nicci met as intern class mates in the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group in 2002. Following the internship they eventually began together at Buena Animal Hospital and were became a member of there by Dr. Kate within the summer time of 2010. They founded Ohana Pet Hospital in December 2012 using the mission:

" supply the greatest-quality, compassionate medical and surgical choose to our patients and superior customer support and ideal value to the clients. We're dedicated to as being a leader within our community along with a model business for eco-friendly practices. Our clients as well as their pets are members of our 'extended family' and really should feel that they're always given the most respect, persistence and love."

Satisfy the Business Proprietor

Dr. Jan is really a 2002 graduate of Colorado Condition College College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Jill and Dr. Nicci are class mates from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine as well as graduated in 2002. Dr. Kate graduated from the College of Minnesota Veterinary School, type of 2009.

Outdoors from work the doctors are involved in the city - working carefully with assorted pet save groups (Canine Adoption and Save League, Santa Barbara Dog Adoption and Welfare Group and also the Homestretch Greyhound Adoption and Save), the neighborhood veterinary medical association (Santa Barbara Ventura Veterinary Medical Association) and also the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. Stress-reducing activities include reading through, swimming, running, cooking, mma, boxing and cycling.

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