Ontario Veterinary Clinic

Ontario Veterinary Hospital

We are pleased to give the following services within our Ontario Veterinary Clinic:

kitty1.png Visits

Our appointment book is computerized which enables us to effectively make visits for both you and your pet. Our receptionists and team will endeavour to support all demands to the very best of our ability. Problems are recognized anytime our clinic is open. If you think you possess an emergency together with your pet, please give us a call or arrived at a healthcare facility immediately. If at all possible it is advisable to call before arriving to ensure that an employee member can let you know in your particular emergency.

Emergency &lifier Urgent Care

There exists a vet and personnel working seven days a week who're trained and outfitted to deal with any urgent care your dog has. We're this is not on site 24 hrs. We transfer pets to some round-the-clock clinic for overnight care if they're inside a critical condition. Usually an urgent situation team consists with a minimum of one vet and many specialists cooperating in order to save a pet's existence. Problems could be things this type of snail bait poisoning, hit by vehicle, and chocolate ingestion. Should you ever believe that your dog needs emergency treatment don't hesitate to or are available in immediately. If at all possible it is advisable to call before arriving to ensure that a group member can let you know in your particular emergency.

We can also be found for urgent care once the condition isn't existence-threatening, however, you feel your dog must be seen before you'll be able to have an appointment. Our vets works to "squeeze" you among scheduled visits. When you turn up, our receptionists will have the ability to provide you with a quote how lengthy you might want to wait to be able to be viewed.

Kinds of Pets Seen


Physical Exam Health Certificate for Travel Vaccinations Ultrasound Capacity through VetImage Digital Radiographs (with Licensed Radiologist Report) Niche Diets In-house Pharmacy Non-Anesthetic &lifier Anesthetic Dental Methods Microchip Implantation &lifier Registration In-house testing including, although not restricted to: FeLV/FIV Testing Parvovirus Testing Comprehensive Laboratory Testing (serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, parasite testing, and much more) Pancreatitis Testing Heartworm Testing Hospitalization Encouraging Therapy (IV liquids, medication, etc.) Bloodstream Pressure Testing ECG Monitoring Oxygen Encouraging Care Ocular Diagnostics (IOP, Cornael Stain, Etc.) Surgery Services Including: Routine Spay/Neuter Surgery Pyometra Surgery Scrotal Ablation Memory foam Surgery Cardiac Surgery
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