High Desert Veterinary Care

High Desert Animal Care Hospital

We at High Desert Pet Care Hospital know how important your pets will be to you. We thank you for rely upon us that will help you keep the pets healthy and happy!

Satisfy the Business Proprietor

High Desert Pet Care Hospital opened up in Palmdale, May 5, 1986 because Dr. Gay Naiditch saw a necessity permanently veterinary take care of all pets in the region.

Because she analyzed with the non-domestic animal track in class, she's the understanding and also the experience to deal with all types of creatures from wild birds to llamas. Dr. Naiditch finished the college of Veterinary Medicine from the College of California, Davis, in 1982. After graduation she labored in La and Sacramento areas, where for 2 years she focused on emergency medicine. She has developed in the Antelope Valley since spring of 1985 and she or he loves it here.

She is a animal lover since she would be a child. After investing a complete day being careful of clients' pets, she goes the place to find her ranch and stays time together with her own menagerie of creatures with everything else from parrots to horses.

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