ST Matthews Veterinary School

Dr. Schardein & Family

Mike Schardein, DVM

Like a vet in addition to controlling partner, Dr. Schardein continues to be dealing with pets at St. Matthews Animal Clinic since 2000. He's deeply rooted locally, getting attended senior high school at St. Xavier and gained a b -.A. as well as an M.S. in biology in the College of Louisville. He received his degree in veterinary medicine from Auburn College and came back to Louisville to begin his career helping creatures. He stays his spare time together with his wife, Rebecca, his two kids, Katelynn and Malerie, and the boy, Andrew. His dogs, Harri and Nixon, are regulars in the clinic. Also, he found time for you to run the Leukemia &lifier Lymphoma Marathon in '09, raising money to have an important cause. It’s apparent to anybody you never know Dr. Schardein he likes creatures, people, and science. His career in veterinary medicine enables him to utilize the 3.

Tara McCoy, DVM

Dr. McCoy is our Director of Medical and Surgical Services and brings together with her over 15 experience like a vet. Born and elevated in southeastern Kentucky, Dr. McCoy attended Eastern Kentucky College before moving onto Auburn College to become DVM. When she's away from the clinic, she stays busy together with her husband and three children. A long term animal lover, her household includes five dogs, five felines, along with a equine. She also gives her time for you to the Woodstock Foundation. Dr. McCoy loves as being a vet since it enables her to assist individuals who can't speak on their own.

Stacy Deren, DVM

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