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Blog: What ‘elitism’ really means for veterinary school accreditation

If you wish to know how elitist the point of view is of educational experts from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA’s) Council on Education (COE), browse the September 9, 2014, words of former College of Pennsylvania veterinary school dean Robert Marshak, DVM, from an ACVIM list-serve email:

COE continues to be accrediting veterinary schools that don't satisfy the COE’s released standards. The factors also provide been destabilized progressively, apparently to be able to justify, retrospectively and prospectively, the accreditation of low quality schools. Low quality schools, charging high tuitions, are creating 100s of minimally educated entry-level graduates, a scenario that bodes ill for future years in our educational system and, subsequently, for the profession and also the society we serve. Further, the low quality schools lead absolutely nothing to our discovery-based profession of medicine through good research, the identification of and remedy for new illnesses, the introduction of new methods, the supply of referral centers and diagnostic services, the introduction of clinical areas, nor ongoing education.

Marshak’s unverified claims promote a condescending view that just a conventional veterinary school having a decades-old curriculum ought to be permitted to coach future vets in the usa. Innovation and new teaching models aren't welcome within this academic club. And graduates are characterized—make that dismissed—as “minimally educated” from “substandard schools, ” representing a menace to “our profession and also the society we serve.”

Could it be really essential to attack hard-working DVM graduates in this harsh manner? What is the specific example presented of the licensed DVM from one of these simple “substandard” schools practicing such an incompetent fashion? Absolutely not.

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