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Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology

CurriculumAs vets make an effort to satisfy the growing interest in high-quality proper care of companion creatures and creatures in other industries, well-qualified veterinary technologists will discover an array of employment possibilities. Becker College graduates can anticipate finding employment in many industries, including veterinary practices, research and educational institutions, labs and pharmaceutical companies, public health organizations, and zoos.

The Becker College veterinary technology program provides students with understanding of applied science and specialized learning animal health, care, and management. This program is fully accredited through the American Veterinary Medical Association's Committee on Veterinary Specialist Education and Activities.

FAQsStudents participate in class learning and gain hands-on experience in the College's Lenfest Animal Center. This facility houses the College's veterinary clinic, which sees 100s of patients yearly. Additionally, area outings to animal shelters and enormous animal facilities as well as an externship experience of an authorized research facility, private veterinary practice, or veterinary teaching facility fully develop each student's understanding and potential. Upon graduation, students are immediately qualified to start the entire process of becoming credentialed in clinical practice and/or research.

Learning Final results:

Students demonstrates proficiency within the motor, critical thinking, and clinical application abilities as outline within the essential and suggested abilities task list produced by the Association of Veterinary Specialist Teachers (AVTE).

Students demonstrates written and dental communication abilities suitable for the veterinary technology profession.

Students demonstrates decision-making and private conduct in conjuction with the professional standards from the veterinary technology profession.

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