Veterinary colleges in Florida

Find the Top Veterinary Schools in Florida

Every year, in Florida, typically 602 students graduate with qualifications in veterinary. Should you too are curious about studying veterinary, Florida has 17 veterinary schools from which you'll choose. At veterinary schools in Florida, you will probably pay $3, 326 each year in tuition for any degree in veterinary.

College of Florida may be the biggest veterinary school within the condition of Florida, according to quantity of students. It's situated in Gainesville. Roughly 155 students graduated having a veterinary degree from College of Florida in '09, that is 26% from the total condition veterinary graduates for your year. In '09, tuition at College of Florida, was roughly $4, 373 each year.

Veterinary Salaries and Career Outlook in Florida

Most individuals having a degree in veterinary decide to become vets. The task outlook for vets in Florida is nice. Roughly 11, 650 vets are presently employed in Florida. The federal government needs, by 2018, with this number to improve by 13%, in order to 13, 230 vets.

In Florida, like a vet, you will probably earn an income of between under $16Thousand each year to greater than $28, 552 each year. In Florida, vets make typically $19, 614 each year.

Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR): 2013 Edition for 2014 Matriculation (Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements in the United States and Canada)
Book (Purdue University Press)
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    • USF (in Tampa) has been gaining a lot of credibilty lately with their Medical programs, so for Veterinary school I would definitely suggest USF. Also I have heard that University of Miami has a good program. In addition, while this is not South Florida, UF has a terrific program. However, if you're open to going to Gainesville, then UF would be the best choice.

  • avatar how is florida state university veterinary medicine college? | Yahoo Answers
    • ok, you do realize that you must have a four year Bachelor degree before you can apply to any Vet school? They will not need your SAT by that point. There are only 28 Vet schools in the US. All of them are highly competitive and extremely difficult to get into. You will need stellar grades as an undergrad.
      Yes, Vet school will be hard and a lot of work.