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College of Veterinary Medicine - Cornell University

The Cornell College Hospital for Creatures, situated in Ithaca, NY, is really a teaching hospital having a group of board licensed vets, citizens, interns and licensed veterinary specialists that works leading edge veterinary medicine. The Pet Hospital, the Equine Hospital, Nemo Farm Animal Hospital, Jesse L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center and also the Ambulatory Production Medicine Service offer emergency, niche and primary care services to any or all species including dogs, felines, foreign animals, wildlife, zoo creatures, equine and farm creatures. If the patient is large or small, as well as their condition common or complex, we attempt to help keep clients and mentioning vets accustomed to the therapy options/recommendations, prognosis and charges whatsoever occasions.


  • Pet Hospital

    Greater than 18, 500 dogs, felines, wild birds along with other small animals receive medical and health care every year within our Pet Hospital.

  • Equine Hospital

    Roughly 2, 500 horses receive healthcare every year within our Equine Hospital. Yet another 2Thousand horses are looked after every year by our ambulatory and production medicine service, whose staff travels to area farms and ranches.

  • Nemo Farm Animal Hospital

    Cattle, sheep, goat's, swine and Camelids (llamas, alpacas, and camels). Roughly 1Thousand farm creatures receive medical and health care every year within our Nemo Farm Animal Hospital.

  • Ambulatory and Production Medicine

    The Ambulatory and Production Medicine Clinic provides routine and emergency veterinary service on farms within 25 to 30 miles of Ithaca, New You are able to. For problems call 607-253-3140.

  • Jesse L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center Pet Spa Salon Rescue - Animal Vet First Aid Hospital
Mobile Application (
  • Look, the pet need a bath.
  • Our flappy Pet Vet will come to the rescue.
  • Our kind hearted vet will give our pet a warm pets, provide first aid to cue the animals.
  • With your help, our pet will regain health and look fabulous in this pet spa & salon animal hospital game.
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  • avatar how long is it to become a vet for animals? | Yahoo Answers
    • Your basic DVM is eight years. Now, if you specialize, it can tack on anywhere from an additional two to six years, depending. It varies on specialization (cancer, surgery, reptiles, large animal, exotics, etc). All you get with a basic DVM is small animal (dog/cat).

  • avatar Do vets operate animals?
    • Yes, veterinarians are qualified to perform surgery on animals. Common surgeries include spaying and neutering animals, abdominal exploratory surgery, bladder stone removal surgery and trauma repair surgery.

  • avatar How does a vet help animals?
    • They give them shots so when there sick they don't give it to there owners

  • avatar How many types of vets for animals are there? | Yahoo Answers
    • You can do dog, cat, small mammals (rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils etc), birds, reptiles, fish, large animals (cows, horses, goats, other farm animals). You can also do animals that you might see in a Zoo.
      You can also specialize in things like surgery, emergencies, certain organ systems (eyes, heart, lung etc), as well as some diseases like cancer. There are other things you can specialize in.
      You will probably not be choosing any speciality until at least your 2nd if not your 3rd year of vet school.