University of Minnesota Animal Hospital

University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center

Emergency services and patient care can be found 24 hrs each day, seven days a week. We've over 60 veterinary specialists that may provide veterinary niche consultation services towards the public with no referral.
We offer veterinary services for small and big creatures, including:
Anesthesia, Animal Behavior, Bloodstream Donor Program, Cardiology, Clinical Laboratory, Dentistry, Skin care, Emergency &lifier Critical Care, General Practice, Genetic Counseling, Complementary Alternative Treatment, Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine, Medical Imaging, Neurology, Diet, Oncology &lifier Radiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Rehab, Surgery, Theriogenology (Reproductive), Urology/Nephrology, Wards/In-Hospital Care


Established in 1950.

Clinical veterinary work first started in the College in 1888 using the appointment from the University's first vet, Michael Treacy. The Veterinary Clinic increased from the original veterinary treatment centers connected using the School of Veterinary Medicine. The clinic around the St Paul campus received condition funding to create new facilities, which opened up in 1950. The Veterinary Clinic ended up being to function as "a healthcare facility for creatures just like the College Hospitals around the Ontario Campus are dedicated to taking care of humans. Within the hospital, students will have the ability to observe treatment provided by trained College vets to ill creatures."

The Veterinary Clinic was reorganized because the Veterinary Hospital in 1969. It had been re-named the Veterinary Clinic in 2003 to higher reflect the advanced care and outpatient services it offers.

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